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Reinforced Mesh Welding Machine

Function features and advantages
1.This machine is controlled by the special computer, the welding current and welding time in each welding transformer can be individually adjusted. The machine operating interface is made up with color touch screen and control buttons, easy to operate.
2.Host framework structure, stable performance, the welding pressure is continuously adjustable, solid and perfect welding spot.
3.Integrated deceleration electromagnetic brake motors for power, inverter control, adjustable speed.
4.Modular design for the upper and lower electrodes, convenient to adjust the mesh.
5.The line wires are sent by labor and fed automatically,the cross wires are added and fallen automatically from the special hopper.
6.The mesh pulling part driven by servo motor can be set a variety of cross space in the same mesh, pull the mesh continuously back and forth to extend the size of mesh, and use pneumatic clamping device to accurate cross spacing.
7.Both the welding electrodes and transformers are equipped with water-cooling system to prolong the life and working time.

Main parameter

Item WZ2500(3.0-8.0mm) WZ2500(5.0-12.0mm) WZ3300(5.0-12.0mm)
Number of Electrodes 48 24 32
Max Mesh Width 2500mm 2500mm 3300mm
Wire Diameter 3.0-8.0mm 5.0-12.0mm 5.0-12.0mm
Max Mesh Length 3.0-12.0m 3.0-12.0m 3.0-12.0m
Cross Wire Space 50-200mm 100-300mm 100-300mm
Line Wire Space 50-200mm 100-300mm 100-300mm
Rated Power 125KWA*8 125KWA*12 125KWA*16
Welding Speed 40-60times/min 40-60times/min 40-60times/min
Control System PLC PLC PLC
Products & Application
Products such as coal mine supporting mesh, wire mesh fence, high-rise building steel bridges mesh, reinforcing mesh applied in construction, road and so on.
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