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Breeding Mesh Welding Machine

Function features and advantages
1.The machine adopts electrical & electronic synchronous control technique, both separate-phase welding and welding time composed of digital and integrated electric circuit, high precision, stable performance, solid welding joint and no burn marks.
2. Weft is pre-straightened and pre-cut, fed from hopper. The hopper is driven by stepper motor, accurately auto-feeding wire.   
3. The warp is fed from coil. The mesh edge is regular, unnecessary to slice.
4. Mesh pulling system adopts elastic tension link and opening positioning equipment, the opening is easy to regulate accurately and can be adjusted freely within a certain range. 
5. The finished products can be in coil or in panel.
6. The welding speed is fast and it is easy to learn and operate. Only two operators are enough.
Main parameter

Item WZ1200 WZ1600
Number of Electrodes 25 30
Max Mesh Width 1200mm 1600mm
Wire Diameter 2.0-3.2mm 2.0-3.2mm
Cross Wire Space 25-200mm 25-200mm
Line Wire Space 50-200mm 50-200mm
Rated Power 100KWA*4 100KWA*5
Welding Speed 40-60times/min 40-60times/min
Control System PLC PLC

Products & Application
The machine is mainly used to manufacture chicken cage, rabbit cage, mink cage, fox cage, pet cage and other breeding cages.

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