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Fiberglass Mesh Production Line

Weaving Machine
Main Parameter

Mesh Size 5x5mm
Width : 2000mm ( 2 rollers , every 1000mm )
Length 50m,100m, and any length required
Speed : 90-140 times/min
Production Capacity 70-80m2/hour
Motor power 1.5KW
Overall dimension 4.2x1.8x1.4m
Weight 1.8 tons

1.This machine model is our latest development. It is designed at 2000mm width , as so, it can produce two rollers , every at 1m. And the production efficiency will be greatly improved . Another the 2000mm width mesh will be cut automatically along with the weaving process.
2. Another after this new improvement, the cross fiberglass feeding will be more faster.
3.For some key and important part ,like as sword scalp plate and needle row , we will exactly make sure every manufacturing procedure to required quality.
Line Fiberglass Warping Machine

1.Through this machine, the fiberglass on the pay off will be rolled on a roller, which will save workshop space.
2.In front of every pay off, we will comply with one tension-er, which will control the line fiberglass winding  tension.

Glued Coating Machine

1.The coating line can produce the fiberglass mesh with max width at 1000mm,which adopts vertical type and can avoid the mesh hang down because of self-weight .
2.Our drying baker adopts electric air type, not the resistance wire. It can heat the mesh in circle and avoid the mesh burned . It is more important that the consumption power is less .
3.The heating air machine power is 35KW.
4.For the electric hot air heating is more safe than resistance wire heating. If it adopts resistance wire heating, the heating pipe will be in the drying baker. When the temperature is high, it is dangerous.
5.The heating temperature can be controlled in the control panel,which can ensure every part of fiberglass mesh will be the same heat. Of course the finished mesh quality will be very good. Not like this, this part is in high temperature while that parts is in low temperature.
6.We have a store cloth unit, which can make sure the machine is not stopped when the fiberglass mesh is load-off. The cloth store unit can store about 30m mesh.
7.Our production capacity can reach 8000-10000m2 every day.

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